On 30 April 2024, the FCA and the PRA published their respective policy statements (PS24/4 [1] by the FCA and PS7/24[2] by the PRA) in response to feedback received on their proposed draft rules on securitisations, which were presented in 2023 (CP23/17[3] and CP15/23[4]).

The new UK securitisation framework seeks to repeal and replace retained EU law in the UK, as part of the wider post-Brexit programme. Market participants will now need to read the FCA and PRA rules together with the Securitisation Regulations 2024[5] (as amended[6]), as these will comprise the new UK securitisation framework. Although the framework is new, the rules share many similarities with those of the EU Securitisation Regulation (2017/2402/EU) as currently adopted in the UK.

Changes will take effect from 1 November 2024, giving participants a six-month implementation period.

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